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58.5 million

(up 11.2 over 2016)

KLIA Main Terminal

28.2 million

(up 10.7 over 2016)


30.3 million

(up 11.6 over 2016)

How to look for Aiport Taxi Malaysia driver when you are coming from KLIA/ KLIA2 ?

Upon departure from flight, kindly call Aiport-Taxi driver to confirm the pick-up location.
Kuala Lumpur International Aiport (KLIA)


Route to Our Stop By Station
Lugguage Claim Area
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Kuala Lumpur International Aiport 2 (KLIA2)


Route to Our Stop By Station
Lugguage Claim Area
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Estimates Arrival of Destination

Transfer Area


Drive (One Way)

Recommended Departure Time

Kuala Lumpur to KLIA 1 / KLIA 2 Around 65KM 1 Hour 3 Hours
1 Hour For Drive and 2 Hours for Check In 
Genting Highland to KLIA 1 / KLIA 2 Around 115KM 1.5 Hours 5 Hours
3 Hours For Drive and 2 Hours for Check In
Malacca to KLIA 1 /KLIA 2 Around 135KM 2 Hours 5 Hours
3 Hours For Drive and 2 Hours for Check In
Where is KLIA and KLIA2 located?
  KL International Airport is located in Sepang, Selangor, which is approximately 45 kilometres south of Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Malaysia. klia2 Terminal is located approximately 2km away from KLIA.
The GPS coordinates for KLIA and klia2 Terminal is 2.7402° N, 101.7081° E and 2.7440° N, 101.6852° E respectively.
How do I get to KLIA2 from KLIA, and vice versa?
  For inter-terminal travel, you may take the KLIA Express ERL service, which is about a 2-minute journey.
For more information on the train schedule, including other routes to the city centre, please visit the ERL website here (Link: Alternatively, taxi services are also available at the airports.
How early can I check-in for my flight?
  Passengers are advised to check in 3 hours (for international travels) and 2 hours (for domestic travels) before flight time. However, it is recommended that you contact your respective airlines for more information.
Is Wi-Fi available at the airports?
  Yes, free Wi-Fi is available in both public and transit areas of the airports.

How do I claim my GST (Goods & Service Tax) Refund?

For hand-carry and checked luggage goods, items must be presented with the completed documents (GST Refund Forms, tax invoice/ shop receipt, passport and boarding pass) to the GST Customs Refund Verification Counter (located at KLIA Arrivals on Level 3 and klia2 Departures on Level 3) before checking in the goods at the airport.
After verification, you may proceed to receive the GST refund at the refund counter located at Level 4 Immigration Hall for KLIA, Satellite Building KLIA, and Level 2 at klia2 (after you have successfully cleared Immigration) to receive your GST refund. Please note that refunds will be given only with proper validation from Customs.
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