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Attraction @ Penang


Street Art

  in George Town  
There are lots of different street arts around this place.A good fun activity if you are in Georgetown is definitely Street arts Hunting. You can get Street arts map from the hotel and just walk around the city.Furthermore, you can rent a bike as there are many bike rental shop there.
  Chew Jetty  
It was a nice place to visit for where you able to view full view of sea view and mainland on the opposite of the island. Chew Jetty is a small village with all wooden house built on the sea. People here are very friendly and you would be able to enjoying boating and how people fishing as well.
Entopia, a tropical sanctuary for our planet's little denizens from those that fly freely in the sky to the ones that creep stealthily beneath the ground. Journey into a magical paradise that honours the unsung heroes of our natural world with plenty to discover from outdoor adventures to cavernous mysteries and a multi-storey Indoor Discovery Centre. Live the moment with exciting interactive workshops and activities.


  Floating Mosque  
The floating Mosque should be visited when you go to Penang. Beautiful mosque built on pillars and when the tides in it flows all round and under the mosque and looks like it’s floating.The building is beautiful and the scenery is amazing.
  Studio Howard  
It is located on Jalan Masjid Kalitan Keling, this is a showcase of the artist, Howard Tan's works. There are 2 Studio Howards on this street, a small shop as well as the bigger one in a 3 storey building. Along with his photography works, there is a collection of souvenirs, pottery, costume jewellery, postcards, soap and jute and batik bags on sale here. This place is good if you want to bring home something to remember your trip to Penang. This shop curates made in Penang art and products.
ESCAPE is the fun destination with exciting rides and attractions. Hosted with nature in mind. It is located in Teluk Bahang, Penang, Malaysia, ESCAPE re-introduces outdoor play in a natural environment so to give the visitor an appreciation of the world around them and shows that there's no age limit to having fun.

Penang 3D

  Trick Art Museum  
Change your perspective with admission to the Penang 3D Trick Art Museum, where optical illusions, mind-bending art, and a collection of props and costumes offer interactive fun. You can step right into recreations of historic George Town scenes, capture unique selfies and group portraits, and visit the lifelike inhabitants in panda village. With a central location in George Town, the family-friendly Penang 3D Trick Art Museum is a great way to feed your imagination and creativity.

Dark Mansion

  Glow-in-the-Dark Museum  
Family-friendly and located in the heart of UNESCO-listed Georgetown, the museum features spectacular luminescent effects  and provides welcome respite from  Penang’s daytime humidity.Enjoy some of the attractions within the Dark Mansion and pass a bizarre journey. There appreciate the 3D art painting technique which transforms 2-dimensional painting into 3-dimensional images and which the glow is incorporate in the dark effects into the paintings to make a unique piece.
Wait no more and unleash your inner child.


  Camera Museum  
Some of the highlights of the museum include a rare Magic Lantern projector from the early 1900s with an antique large format hand painted glass colour slide and a 35mm silent movie projector that is illuminated using oil lamp and gear.

Here are some of the other highlights you'll be able to enjoy with the Asian Camera Museum.Firstly,the dark room,These have been created and used since the inception of photography in the early 19th century. Explore and learn how films are developed.Secondly,you can have a touch and feel the vintage cameras!Last but not least,the meseum contain over 1,000 items and relevent accessories.

Kek Lok Si

This stunning Buddhist structure is home to thousands of statues of Buddha and is widely recognized as one of the most important—and most beautiful—in all of Southeast Asia. Tour the seven-tiered pagoda with your guide and learn how this stunning temple blends Thai, Burmese and Chinese elements into its architecture.There is a 99-foot (30-meter) tall bronze Guanyin statue, which pays homage to the Goddess of Mercy, as well as the Pong of Longevity—home to hundreds of turtles that symbolize strength, endurance and longevity in Chinese culture.
  Penang Hill  
From the Kek Lok Si Temple, you can make your way to Georgetown Station where you’ll board the Penang Hill Funicular Railway and travel some 2,625 feet (800- meters) above sea level to the hill’s peak. There are indigenous plants and animals along the way. Once you reach the top, enjoy spectacular views of Malaysia’s oldest hill station and far off views of the mainland.


  Penang Museum  
Colonial Penang Museum , the unique and unrivalled museum in South East Asia, showcases the opulent lifestyle of the wealthy Penang merchants, the Peranakan ( Baba-Nyonya ) & Penang society during the 18th – 20th colonial era.

Journey back in time to glimpse the glorious lifestyle of the old penangites , the high esteem which Penangites held for the west and how the British influenced their Eastern colonies with their perceptions of elegance, social status and formalities.

The extraordinary collection has been amassed over half a century by the founder of Colonial Penang museum.
The museum can also be used as an educational instrument for students to understanding and significant of our rich heritage.
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