Best Thing to Do With Kids in Cameron Highlands

                        1. Explore more about butterflies and others insect
Bring your kids to this tropical garden where filled with colourful butterflies flitting through the air and sitting on the flowers , this must be an eye-opener day! Butterflies will usually be soaring everywhere, but this may be seasonal. As the butterflies need to be restocked every week due to their short lifespan (14 days after metamorphosis), there are times when the butterflies can be few. Fortunately, the butterflies are not the only thing to look at. Glass enclosures along the pathway house creatures such as snakes, lizards, insects and furry rodents.

  2. Figure out the honey making process
The bee keepers there have been well trained and very knowledgeable about honeys and bee keeping. Tourists are always welcome to this place and each bee keeper will always give you a tip or two if you are interested in bees. It's one of the most interesting activities in Pahang. In the farm you'll be able to see more than just honey. Royal jelly and pollen are also the products of this farm and they are constantly in demand in Malaysia.

  3. Grapes Farm in Malaysia!
Grapes farm area that are situated near to the Blue Valley Farm. The grapes were so big,  there were so many of grapes that are waiting to be harvested. There were only 2 seasons can harvest the grapes, once in June and the other time will be on December. If you are planing to visit the grapes farm, mark your calender and don't miss the chance to see the grapes.

  4. Visit the fragrant Rose Centre
Beside enjoying the splendour rose blooming of 100 over varieties in every imaginable colour, you'll also be fascinated as you venture through an exhilarating hourney of various cultural murals, colourful stone sculptures which blends well with the landscaping. The Rose Centre has set up a tourist information centre for the public for the public who wish to get more information and know more about the flowers growing process.

  5. Breathtaking Lake House
Besides the farms, you should bring your kids to visit the Lakehouse Cameron Highlands! The Lakehouse Cameron Highlands is truly breathtaking not just in its interiors, but also its facade. A huge Tudor-style building greets you as you arrive, taking your breath away, as the sweet smell of flowers in full bloom on the grounds of the resort assaults your senses in the most pleasant way.