Theme Park Hotel


Quirky, fun and simple, are just some of the words to describe Hotel On The Park, a refurbished version of the resort’s oldest hotel, Theme Park Hotel. Lively music greets guests outside the hotel, inviting them to step into its 743 sq m lobby, inspired by Alice In Wonderland.


• Theme Park Hotel is a boutique hotel perfect for those who like to keep it together. 

• Put your separation anxiety aside as for the first time, Resorts World Genting is introducing hotel rooms which can accommodate up to six people. 

• Each Sixers features three Queen-sized beds in a 300 sq ft space, suitable for families or groups of friends who prefer to stay together in one room. We call this the more the merrier. 

• For slightly smaller groups, stay in the Quads which have two Queen-sized beds and can accommodate up to four people. 

• The Kings are perfect for those travelling in pairs, while romantic couples and those who are looking at a bigger space may consider the luxury of our 550 sq ft Honeymoon Suite.

• At every point of your stay, you will find quirky and playful decor that is bound to bring a smile to your face. 

• With only 456 rooms available, you can be assured of a comfortable stay with family and friends. 

The hotel’s concept runs along the line of “all you see is not all you get”. From just looking at the rooms, you know that the hotel best fits families with little children, or young adults. The decor is cute and quirky, using hand-drawn cartoons and stickers outlining furniture that could not fit into the room, like a closet, an armchair and photo frames. In place of fancy curtain drapes are black blinds that, when pulled down, reveal cartoon sketches (and these are different in every room).


Clothes can be hung on knobs or hangers within the outline of a closet on the wall. The television set too is hung on brackets, with artwork around it to make it look like it is enclosed in a TV cabinet. The design and artwork gave me the impression that I was living in a Peanuts comic strip.

The hotel is also a few minutes’ walk from the walkway leading to other attractions, like SkyAvenue and Genting Grand, where you will find plenty of shopping opportunities and various restaurants.

For more information:
Tel: (03) 6101 1118